If you don't have 1 hour to spend in the gym,

have a career with built-in high stress levels,

and really want to be in the best shape of your life...  

People who exercise on a regular basis are 33% less stressed and 46% better at dealing with stress!

What you get...

Training & Nutrition Planning

Custom periodization training cycles guaranteed to produce the most results in the least amount of time you can do on your own time that fit seamlessly into your day to help you achieve optimal fitness. Macro friendly meal planning will help get inconsistent and irregular eating habits dialed in to help burn body fat, build muscle, and have sustained energy for your sometimes never-ending days. 

Accountability and 24/7 Support

Weekly check-ins to track your progress, adherence, and make any adjustments that are needed. This is also where we reevaluate your goals and adjust them if we need to. Discuss any concerns, questions or difficulties you're having in addition to upcoming changes to your schedule (and life changing events). 

Sustainable habits for a lifetime

Develop training and nutrition habits that always fit into a demanding schedule for the long-term. This can be anything from reducing stress to better sleep, to transforming your body and fitness to a morning/evening routine that helps you hit the reset button every day to mindfulness and relaxation techniques - all built into your training program.

Executives who exercise report a 20% increase in creative problem-solving abilities! 20 minutes of exercise per day increases cognitive function by 10 – 20%.

We know success & expect it...

Optimal Fitness

Training with Eric has helped transform my body
and mind in ways I didn't realize were possible.Eric has developed a customized, incremental approach to training that fits with my busy, professional schedule and desire to spend more time grinding up a mountain than in a gym. Eric's training has helped me achieve numerous PR's over the years. Eric's holistic approach has improved my own approach to nutrition, recovery, and my own mental well-being and health.


Optimal Fitness

"I have been working with Eric for 4 months. The workouts we do translate from the weight room to the field better than anything I have done before. I have become a physically different athlete since we started working together!"
Brendan Mundorf / Attack
World cup team member / All-Star (Denver Outlaws)

2012 MLL MVP

Work-life Balance

Eric is a true fitness expert able to adapt a training regimen to your specific needs and goals I needed motivation to get back into shape after my son was born. My goal was to feel strong and healthy after two years of focusing on a baby and not myself.  Within three months he had me back on track. I'm definitely stronger, healthier, and happier after training with Eric. 


Sustainable results

Eric has changed for the better my overall perception of my health journey. His techniques and instruction are useful for a lifetime and have helped me produce better tone, increased energy, improved flexibility, and enthusiasm for a good workout!

Mayor Michael Hancock