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I'm a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


I am a member of the ACSM!

Bachelor's of Science in Fitness & Sports Management

Get to know Eric

I have an authentic passion for training the human body and helping people get as fit and as healthy as they can be. If you want to be your best, I’m probably more excited than you are to help you get there. My training philosophy is simple – to get the most results in the least amount of time. I invest full-time in my clients and athletes. If you make a commitment, I will always match it. There is never a better time to make the commitment! Let’s get it!

Experience & Success

For over 20 years, I have helped people obtain their ultimate fitness goals. From Olympic champions to professional athletes, from college athletes to high school student athletes, from competitive recreational athletes to hundreds of individuals who just wanted to look and/or feel better and develop a healthy lifestyle regardless of whether or not there was a title at stake…all with unprecedented success. As the strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Outlaws (for 7 seasons), I helped put a team on the field from week-to-week that ran an undefeated regular season (2013) during a 20-game regular season win streak (2012-13). We lost on June 23, 2012 and then the next regular season loss was on June 7, 2014 (almost 2 years if you’re keeping score at home). I’ve run sports programs for the past 19 seasons - took 18 of them to post-season competition and put a team in a championship game 6 times. That doesn’t happen if you’re not putting the fittest and healthiest team on the field on a regular basis. While all of this was going on, I also ran (no pun intended) Beat The Brakes Off ‘Em – the best speed/agility clinic in the metro area (designed for high school, college and professional athletes) for 5 summers. I’ve trained models and performers. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). I know how to train the human body and I know success!

Expertise & Acknowledgements

My passion for fitness began in high school where I was a high-level performing athlete. winning a football state championship. This commitment to fitness continued into winning national titles in powerlifting and weightlifting and getting on the podium in international competition. I’m always motivated by the thought of how I could be at my best. My passion and excitement for training (and health and fitness in general) was the catalyst driving me to earn a BS in Fitness & Sports Management and continually expand my knowledge as I train and educate others, including: Guest lecturer at the University of Las Vegas for an upper level class Expert strength and conditioning specialist for the inaugural Professional Lacrosse Sports Medicine Symposium Featured in articles in Cherry Creek Lifestyle Magazine (15 Minute Workout) and Mile High Sports Magazine (Training Trends - Sexy and Social)

About Specimen Training

Scientifically proven training programs

Former strength & conditioning coach for the Denver Outlaws, bringing 15+ years of training success to your workouts!

Nutrition & Supplements

Getting your macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and supplements dialed in will maximize your efforts.

Eric at the top of the Lion's Lair hike

The Formula

Work balance, good sleep hygiene, stress management, sound nutrition, and of course your training, are all part of the perfect formula that keeps you healthy and as fit as you can be!

What My Clients Say...

From professional athletes to folks that just want to look and feel better, here's what they say...

Eric Evans is a terrific trainer. He finds the right balance between being a motivator to push you and a supporter to celebrate your progress. He takes the time to understand what your individual fitness and wellness goals are and cares about your safety and well-being, overall. Especially during this challenging year, we have been grateful to Eric for keeping us on-track with our health and wellness goals and for bringing his sense of humor and positive attitude to our sessions each week. 

Seth & Cody

Eric is not only an exceptional trainer, but an exceptional person who genuinely cares about each and every client.  Eric consistently goes above and beyond, committing 100% of his energy and focus to his clients during training sessions, while bringing a strong sense of humor and levity to our workouts and consistently following-up outside of training sessions.  As someone who considers herself a professional amateur athlete (predominantly cycling and other endurance sports), Eric's training has helped me achieve numerous PRs over the years, while also shepherding me through two healthy pregnancies that I have rebounded from quickly.  In working with Eric, I have gained tremendous physical strength that has improved my performance and confidence.  At the same time, Eric's holistic approach has improved my own approach to nutrition, recovery, and my own mental well-being and health.  While sessions with Eric can be physically challenging, I always look forward to them as bright spots in my week knowing that I'll come away feeling stronger, healthier, and happier.  


"Eric is a true fitness expert able to adapt a training regimen to your specific needs and goals. I needed motivation to get back into shape after my son was born. My goal was to "feel strong and healthy" after two years of focusing on a baby and not myself.  Eric immediately dissolved any feelings of intimidation I had about going back to the gym. He started each session with a check-in on how my body was feeling to cator that day's session accordingly.  I never felt discouraged or bored and looked forward to each session knowing he had my best interest at heart. Within 3 months he had me back on track. Now I pick up my son with my arms and not my back. I run regularly on my own. I even wear a Fitbit, which he inspired. I hadn't worn a watch since middle school and now I can't go without knowing my steps for the day. I'm definitely stronger, healthier, and happier after training with Eric."  


Training with Eric this season has helped me attain the speed and strength to compete against the best lacrosse players in the world!

Lee Zink2x Defensive Player of the Year, MLL champion (Denver Outlaws)

I have trained with Eric for more than 3 years and am thankful for his great abilities as a trainer and for his upbeat positive outlook.  He always
provides motivation and challenge while looking out for the safety and welfare of his clients.  Eric is accomplished and professional.

KurtPersonal Training client

Eric has changed for the better my overall perception of my health journey.His techniques and instruction are useful for a lifetime and have helped me produce better tone, increased energy, improved flexibility, and enthusiasm for a good workout!

Mayor Michael Hancock

I first worked with Eric seeking more power and speed to transfer to ski racing nearly 15 years ago.  He taught me proper movement in Olympic lifts, speed development and strength programming that provided much more balance than any previous training program.  His guidance helped me reach a new level of competitiveness.  After retiring
from racing, I continued using his insight to maintain strength and general health.  I now use golf as a competitive outlet and have returned to Eric to help me again with building and maintaining strength, speed, and mobility as
an athlete now in his early 50s.  I trust that Eric has the skill and
expertise to guide athletes across a broad spectrum of sports and function. You won’t find any better.

Richard BradsbySki racer turned semi-pro golfer