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Sequencing – The Key to Unlocking Maximum Results

Sequencing – The Key to Unlocking Maximum Results

Aug 10, 2022

SpecimenTraining Admin

It’s as simple as it gets, if you sequence your training programs, you will achieve superior physiological adaptations and performance gains. Physiological adaptations are your body’s response to training (think physique) and performance gains are just what they sound like – your fitness / performance gains. That’s a whole lot of science that, when broken down, simply means you’ll develop the physique you want and be fitter than you’ve been in 12 weeks if you stack three 4-week training cycles in the right order. Regardless of who you are, what level of fitness you’re at, or what your goals are, your training plan should include at least 3 training cycles. Sequencing your training results in a phase potentiation effect (the attributes developed in one cycle facilitate the physiological and performance adaptations targeted in subsequent phases). Sequenced training is THE most effective ways to maximize your training efforts. 

Note the following sequencing protocol(s) to achieve specific fitness:

If you want to be as fit as possible:


If you want to chisel a better body by burning body fat and building muscle:


If you want to get stronger:


Let’s talk science for a moment and use physique training as an example. Your primary goal is to burn body fat and build muscle. By following the sequencing protocol detailed above, you will at least start to see the body you are capable of building. It would be naïve to think you can build your perfect body in 12 weeks (unless you are a body builder getting ready for a show). For those of us who are not looking to get on stage, we can see how our body will change if we turn over a couple of 12-week training programs. The first 4-week HYPERTROPHY cycle establishes foundations for your musculature to respond in the best way possible throughout the rest of the 12-week cycle. The 3 – 4-week STRENGTH cycle that follows will not only increase your strength, but it’ll also accelerate the muscle building 4-week cycle you started with by creating variation and serious progression(s). There is no better way to maximize a specific 4-week cycle than completing it after you’ve gotten stronger…which is the case with the last 4-week HYPERTROPHY cycle. By sequencing training cycles in a very specific order, you create the perfect training program to produce maximum results specifically for you. It’s done all the time with athletes, and the periodization training system fits you too.

Training cycles typically range from 2-6 weeks. Countless research studies have shown that one of the most beneficial protocols is training in a 4-week cycle. After 4 weeks of training in the same cycle, adaptive responses slow down dramatically – you stop getting results. If you are a gym rat, already in the gym 5 or 6 days a week wanting to transition to a training phase to put on some muscle mass, a 2-week conditioning cycle could get the job done.

If you are just starting out or getting back to training after an extended break, the perfect 12-week training program would be:

CONDITIONING (4 weeks) ► HYPERTROPHY (4 weeks) ► STRENGTH (4 weeks).

You will improve every aspect of your fitness, have developed habits and results that should stick for a while, and at least started to define the physique you want. This protocol is guaranteed to produce the most results in the least amount of time. Sequencing your training is that important to your training.

Sequenced training is one of the aspects of periodization that makes it the best fitness training you could do. Sequenced training always produces superior results. Sequencing your training while you are planning your training should always be a priority. It is critical to achieving specific training results. All the training programs we design are sequenced…scientifically proven to maximize your efforts and more importantly, your results!

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