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Sequencing – The Key to Unlocking Maximum Results

Sequencing – The Key to Unlocking Maximum Results

Aug 10, 2022

SpecimenTraining Admin

It’s as simple as it gets, appropriately sequenced training programs are key to achieve superior physiological adaptations and performance gains. Physiological adaptations are your body’s response to training and performance gains are just what they sound like – your fitness / performance gains. Regardless of who you are, what level of fitness you’re at or what your goals are, your training plan should include at least 2 training cycles. Sequencing your training results in a phase potentiation effect (the attributes developed in one cycle / phase facilitate the physiological and performance adaptations targeted in subsequent phases). Sequenced training is one of (if not THE) most effective ways to maximize your training efforts. 

Note the following sequencing protocol(s) to achieve various fitness and training goals:

Max strength = HYPERTROPHY ► MAX STRENGTH training


Hypertrophy (increased muscle mass / increased muscle tone / reduced body fat) = ANATOMICAL ADAPTATION (AA) ►HYPERTROPHY training


Let’s talk science for a moment and take training for max strength as an example. By following the sequencing protocol detailed above, greater levels of strength can be developed because underlying muscular adaptations are stimulated by increasing the muscle cross-sectional area. Increasing the muscle cross-sectional area increases the ability to increase maximal strength (the maximum amount of force a muscle can generate depends on its thickness – which we’re now referring to as the muscle cross-section area). If your goal is to get stronger, the most effective path to take is to complete an Anatomical Adaptation cycle, a hypertrophy cycle, and then a strength cycle. Going through the 2 cycles before the cycle focused on getting stronger establishes the solid foundation your strength gains will be developed from.

The training base you initially establish is the game changer. You can follow the best program in the world to increase your legs strength, but it isn’t nearly as effective if you haven’t deliberately taken the time to lay the foundation for the cycle by completing the “pre work”.

Training cycles typically range from 2-6 weeks. Science and countless research studies have shown that one of the most beneficial protocols is training in a 4-week cycle. After 4 weeks of training in the same cycle, adaptive responses become asymptomatic and slow down dramatically – you stop getting results. If you are a gym rat, already in the gym 5 or 6 days a week wanting to transition to a training phase to put on some muscle mass, a 2-week AA cycle could get the job done.

If your goal is to either increase muscle mass, increase muscle tone, and or reduce body fat, the training cycles sequence to maximize your efforts is to do an AA cycle and then follow that with a hypertrophy cycle.

Sequencing your training while you are planning your training is always a priority. It is critical to achieving specific training targets. All the training programs we offer are sequenced…scientifically proven to maximize your efforts and more importantly, your results! Visit to check them out for yourself!

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